During the COVID-19 crisis, we are not able to do in-person consultations.  Please check out our distance consultations at this time!  Thank you for your understanding!

When we get back to being about to do housecalls, this describes the service:

This consultation needs  1.5-2 hours and covers:

  • Getting background on the problem or problems you are having
  • Getting to know the temperament and behavior of your pet
  • Making a behavioral diagnosis that will allow treatment to begin
  • Developing a detailed behavior plan that prioritizes your concerns
  • Demonstration of exercises important to affecting behavioral change

Included with this consultation:

  • Initial consultation appointment
  • Written behavioral plan
  • Detailed written exercises to follow to begin treatment
  • Answering questions and troubleshooting exercises from first appointment
  • Working with your veterinarian to address medical issues or medication needs that may contribute to this behavioral issue

At least one follow-up appointment is usually necessary to resolve behavior problems

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