During the COVID-19 crisis, pets still need behavioral help.  We have been offering distance consultation successfully for more than 10 years.  Together, we will determine a plan of action to get you and your pet on the right path.

Preparing for a distance consultation:

  • Call your veterinarian and let them know you need behavioral help and have gotten in touch with ABI
  • Please take pictures and videos as the behavior is occurring as long as it doesn’t endanger any family member.

Included with this consultation:

  • Initial consultation appointment 1.5-2 hours
  • Written behavioral plan
  • Detailed written exercises to follow to begin treatment
  • Answering questions and troubleshooting exercises from first appointment
  • Working with your veterinarian to address medical issues or medication needs that may contribute to this behavioral issue

At least one follow-up appointment is usually necessary to resolve behavior problems.

Consultations can take place via phone or video call using Zoom or Facetime.

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