Are you ready to schedule a consultation?

  1.  Read over the frequently asked questions if you are not sure if behavior consultation is right for you and your pet.
  2.  For most behavior problems and emotional issues, you need an initial consultation so I can understand your pet’s history, the nature of their problem and help you design a plan for how we will go about changing it.  Check out more information on the process so you know what to expect. Also look at payment options so you can afford to seek help when your pet needs it.
  3. Consider what times might work for your schedule when choosing from available times.  In-home consultations are available some days and evenings.  Distance consultations may be arranged at other times.  Fill out the behavioral health history and you will be able to choose a date and time for your consultation.  You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your date/time choice.  Schedule now!
  4. To know how to prepare for the day of the consultation, please read over  how to prepare.

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