Temperament testing is systematically placing of dogs into different behavioral situations and evaluating their responses.  Certain responses are indicative of particular behavioral problems or disorders.

You may need a temperament test if:

1) You have been ordered to have an evaluation by the humane society or court of law.  We can talk about the details of your case and determine what assistance you need.    Please see Case Evaluation for more information on treatment of dogs in these situations.

2) You are trying to decide whether or not to adopt or keep a dog.  Temperament tests are very accurate in dogs over one year of age.  We can discuss options for treatment in addition to this service.  Please see Types of Consultations for more options and information.

3)  Trying to decide which puppy to keep in a litter or how to best home puppies in a litter you own.  Please see Litter Evaluation for further information.





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