Dr. Jennie Willis graduated from Colorado State University  in 2005 with a Ph.D in Zoology, with an emphasis in Animal Behavior.

Dr. Willis teaches  undergraduate  and graduate courses in animal behavior and oversees the Professional Science Master’s program in Zoo, Aquarium and Animal Shelter Management at CSU.  She and her graduate students conduct applied research to benefit the lives of animals in captive settings.  Her special research interest is in improvement of adoption rates of cats through enrichment, evaluation and training.

Dr. Willis is the owner of Animal Behavior Insights, LLC  and helps pet owners of all species improve their pet’s behavior and quality of life.  She has given numerous scientific and invited presentations, and is an active speaker for professional groups and organizations.

Dr. Willis is a member of the Animal Behavior Society and the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.  In her spare time, Dr. Willis enjoys spending time with her family hiking, swimming and adventuring in the Colorado mountains.




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